We offer concrete solutions that bring lasting transformation to our clients’ world.

To be a model company in providing services that bring transformative and lasting change to individuals, corporate organizations and governments.

Our Mission is to deliver high quality consultancy services to our clients through practical, innovative & value-driven solutions and to be a company that continues to attract, develop, and retain exceptional people. We recognize human development and technology as central pillars to drive this change.

Business Solutions & ICT

Our objective is to develop a highly productive and innovative team culture in organizations.

Education & Research

Our objective is to support institutions of learning so as to improve the quality of education.

Governance & Leadership

Our objective is to provide innovative, practical and independent solutions to help governments realize their economic, political and social goals and to create new opportunities for the future.

Human Development & Training

Our objective is to design the perfect training program for a multiplicity of organizations aimed at coaching and training individuals to bridge competence gaps be they employees, supervisors, managers or members of the executive leadership team.

Instructional Design & Digital Content Development

Our objective is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude to the recipient in a way that is interesting, convenient and one that promotes maximum retention.



Nairobi, Kenya
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